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Would you like to spend Quality Time with Moms who have been there, done that...
and found the answers?

Then Come Join Us! 

We have an Intimate 2 day experience with REAL Moms who have found PRACTICAL solutions to the some of the major struggles all of us face and can't wait to share it with you. PLUS get some much needed pampering and de-stressing solutions that you can continue to use long after the retreat is over!

Get ready to take a break from your chaotic world

Take the time to bask in the companionship of other women, and really gain some new perspective and skills. You will return to your family rejuvenated, and in a place of power. You will have a practical plan to implement positive change in a do-able way… without the stress of having to do it “Exactly Right!”

Yes, this is what I'm looking for!

Our Pampered Education Approach means that you can
relax, soak up the information in a safe and intimate space
to grow and learn. Our classes are hands-on, not just talking at you,
but guiding your steps in a supportive space. 

Day One! 

We begin with meeting and greeting the Mentors and other Retreat Sisters! Then, Kim is going to gather us all in the kitchen, and teach us her “Ready Refrigerator” method for creating healthy, yummy and EASY meals the whole family will love! (Yes, even your kids!) This hands-on class means that you will be able to handle the food, ask the burning questions, and really discover the practical ways you can adapt this philosophy to your own family’s specific needs!

After an amazing lunch (Why wouldn’t we eat what we just made?) We will gather together again to learn how to get a handle on Anxiety and the best Self Care tools taught by our Massage Therapist, Carleen. She is going to show you how to be in tune with your body, and the things you can do in the moment to bring calm, focus, and clarity back into your life. (Because we all know children push our buttons!!!)

The evening will be full of pampering, fun, and relaxation!

Sounds Perfect!
Sign Me Up!

Day Two! 

Day two we start with a morning routine designed for moms, not yoga experts. Then enjoy a beautiful breakfast you helped make the day before.

Next we will be lead by Chani who will show us why we keep taking on other people’s crap (especially our kids!) and how to stop the drain… without creating crazy and unrealistic boundaries that even we cannot sustain! Chani will also walk you through discovering how your mind processes the world, and how to recognize which mindset tools will ACTUALLY work for you!

We end with Jalyn (Our Organizational Expert) who is going to teach you Practical Home Organizational Principles, and show you why you have been so frustrated with your house! She is going to show you why it isn’t your fault that the kids can’t keep things picked up and how to fix that! (What a relief!!!!)

Fabulous Meals and visiting will be thrown into the mix over these two days of learning, pampering, peace, rejuvenation, and friendly connections!

I want to Come!

Mom To Mom:

Pampered Education Retreat

March 3-4 2023 in Cedar City, Utah

Act before February 14th and
get the early bird special!


Now You Can Choose Your Power Up Experience

Power Up 2 Day Pass

  • Face to Face instruction with course creators, experts in their fields, Moms who know

  • Cooking Real Food Your Family Will Eat with Kim

  • Loving Your Body Again with Carleen 

  • True Shielding, Protecting Your Personal Energy with Chani 

  • Organzing Made Simple with Jalyn   

  • Amazing Lunches and snacks to get you through the day

  • Come just for the day, take care of your own lodging.

  • Exclusive retreat Facebook group so you can continue to get help and supoert after you return home

  • A $3,000 Value for only $997


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  • Only $497
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    Power Up VIP

  • Everything in the 2 Day Access AND. .

  • Stay on site in your own bed, while sharing a room with other VIP guests

  • Mingle with other VIP attendees AND your mentors at exclusive evening events

  • All your meals from breakfast to dinner are included during your stay.

  • Pampering sessions designed to rejuvenate, renew, and educate so you can pamper yourself at home

  • A $7,000 Value for only $2997

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  • Only $1,497!
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    Power Up VIP Plus

    • Everything in the VIP package AND. . .

    • Arrive the night before and be treated to an exclusive dinner with your mentors.

    • Enjoy a private room and bath during your stay.

    • Receive a virtual hour long mentoring session with each of our four mentors after the retreat is over.

    • A 10,000 Value for only $5997

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    Only $2,997!
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    Don't Underestimate the Power of Pampering!

    Why are women, especially Moms made to feel ashamed of pampering themselves? It is time to put an end to that. SELF CARE IS NOT SELFISH! A good foot massage not only feels good, but improves circulation, reduces tension, and often eases pain. Each of Our Power Up Pampering experiences are designed to go beyond just pampering and truly giving you insight and knowledge so you can give yourself a Power Up when ever you need it. Powered Up Mom's bless their families and change the world! 

    So be sure to sign up for the VIP experience.

    Meet Your Course Creators:
    The Moms That Know


    Mother of 8, grandmother of 2 and health is her Passion! However, with such a large family, she quickly realized the only way to have success was to make it easy, practical and yummy. She is going to teach you her Ready Refrigerator Method, so your kids can make their own healthy breakfasts and lunches, and dinner can be ready in 30 minutes or less.


    Mother of 9, grandmother of 27 and counting, and a Professional Organizer! Did you know that your piles are telling you exactly what you're doing wrong? She will teach you the principles you need to know and how to implement them into your home. Your kids will still make a mess, they are kids after all, but you will be able to clean any part of your house in 10 minutes or less.


    Step-mama to 3 and Massage Therapist and Injury specialist.  She brings awareness to your body, and what you can do to relieve stress as you move through the day!
    As someone who has conquered deep anxiety, she will share with you those practical solutions so you can get back to a good space faster, so you can be the Mom you want to be!


    Mother of 7 and creator of the True Shield Technique, she will walk you through managing your energy. Just imagine being able to show up for those that need you without feeling completely drained by the end of the day! You CAN manage all the energies in your home! If you want to make sure that one person’s bad day doesn’t become yours, you will love her class!

    What Our Students Say

    Those who attend our classes, gain so much value. Read below what they have to say:

    Chani is a very intuitive person. I've searched and worked with several talented professionals. After not finding solutions with them I wasn't sure I would ever discover what I was seeking. She was able to help me uncover ways to seek and find insights that lead to discoveries that I had previously given up on having in my life. She understands people and how to help them become what they want.

    Brooke H.

    I had no idea Organizing stared in your brain! After understanding the principles involved, it was like being able to read my Kids minds. Now I know what is happening when I see piles and messes and I know what to do to fix it. Now that I know what being organized really means, sanity has returned to my house. Jalyn is amazing!

    Kathy B.

    Working with Carleen has been incredible! She is able to help me get over difficulties from my past and present that have left physical, mental and emotional mountains in my internal landscape. So much so that all I have to deal with now are molehills! I have reclaimed energy I was wasting and focus that was lost so that now I feel I can move forward unburdened and be productive in all that I want to accomplish. I recommend her to help everyone!

    Marie M.

    Experience this all inclusive retreat, which includes with your

    Day Pass:

    *Face to Face instruction with course creators both days

    *Lunch and snacks included both days

    Valued at $3,000

    VIP Bonuses:

    All the above AND

    Stay on site at some of the most beautiful locations in Southern Utah.    

    All your additional meals and snacks included.                

    Pampering Sessions that may include Yoga, meditation, sound bath in beautiful surroundings.                

    Valued at $7,000

    VIP+ Bonuses:

    All the above AND

    Arrive a day early for exclusive mentoring before the event begins

    Diner with course creators at amazing local resturants.

    Mentoring sessions with course creators after the retreat                  

    Valued at $10,000

    You can see the value of this retreat. We know you need a Power Up in your life post Covid and we are eager to help you discover how to unlock your inner power. We love packing our retreats with lots of value so your time with us is always amazing and well worth you time away from families. We want to work with those who are ready to help themselves.  Show us you're ready by choosing your experience today!  We feel stronger than ever that you need this retreat now, so we are making it easier than ever before to come. Don't wait! We want to see you at our next retreat!

    Choose your experience:

    VIP+ experience for $5,997 $2997

    VIP experience for $2997 $1497

    A Day experience for $997 $497

    And! If you sign up during the Early Bird Special, you will receive an additional discount.

    We Will See You in March!

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