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Power Keepers
4 Day Master Retreats

What is a Master Retreat?

The idea of taking a select group of ready individuals on an in depth experience is something that has been gaining momentum. We are always hearing, "I'm not ready to go home" or "I want to know more" and multiple requests for information on how to take their business to the next level. 

So we have partnered with leaders in business to create this retreat and we're excited to bring it to you.  

When you join us for a Master Retreat, you will be expected to prepare yourself for the experience.  Retreat course study will be provided before you come so that when you arrive you are ready to get clear on what you have learned and how to apply it in your business. Each day you will have the chance for a face to face with your mentors while practicing your new skills no a whole new level.

What Can I Expect During the Retreat?

You get 4 full days for your retreat. We start on day one at 10 a.m. and we don't end on day 4 until after dinner. Here is just a sample of what you can expect in this all inclusive retreat. That's right! All inclusive means you can put your money away and enjoy the week.

You will stay and some of the most beautiful places in Southern Utah in a private room, only share if you want to.

All your meals are include from our private chef who will teach you about food as well as letting you help prepare your own meals.

Yoga and/or other morning routine activities to help you get your day started

Free time to enjoy the pool or getting to know your fellow attendees

Personal Meditation time

Face to face instruction with Q&A from your course creators

Guest speakers giving you even more than ever before

One on One personal mentoring

Relaxing time to spend visiting with your mentors in group settings

Daily Massage to reduce stress and increase relaxation

A personalized Brain Integration experience 

Amazing activates that help you put your new skills to practical use

What Is Brain Intergration?

Carleen is a professionally trained massage therapist and an injury specialist. She is also certified in brain integration. You will have an entire day with her or a member of her certified and highly trained team.

Brain Integration Therapy (BIT), also known as “brain repatterning” or “educational kinesiology,” is a non-invasive procedure used to change ineffective pathways in the brain.  Clearing the brain makes scaling your business fast and easy.

How Do I Prepare for My Retreat?

You will be given access to specific courses before you arrive. We do this so the fou days we have together can be used for mentoring and answering questions about what you have learned. Then we take that knowledge and begin putting it to practical daily use. Come prepared in a way that allows you to take advantage of all the opportunities you will have on site.  

This also means you want to claim you spot in the retreat early so you have time to complete your course, get your questions together, and you know what mentoring you want and need. You will want to check your email for all the details as soon as you reserve you retreat!

When is the Next Retreat?

Our Master Retreats are held twice a year. We keep the number of attendees limited to 14-18 so we have as much time as possible to spend mentoring you on your new keys.  Our next retreat will be in the Summer of 2023.  Sign up now to get more information about when and where you can join us.

What Does a Retreat Cost?

This all inclusive retreat includes all of this:

Value $ 4,000   Stay on site at some of the most beautiful locations in Southern Utah.

Value $ 1,000   12 Gourmet meals prepared on site with instruction on preparation and nutrition

Value $   400    A daily massage is included during your stay 

Value $ 2,000   Yoga, meditation, sound bath and other more
Value $12,000  Access to all courses before, during and after the retreat
Value $ 3,000   Face to Face mentoring with course creators all four days
Value $ 2,000   Brain Integration experience
Value $ 3,000  One-on-one mentoring 
Value $ 6,000  Guest speakers with access to group mentoring Q&A's 
Total $33,400

We know you understand the value of this retreat. You are eager to discover the next big key to growing your business and we are here to help you unlock your inner power. We love packing our retreats with lots of value so your time with us is amazing. We also love helping those that are ready to help themselves. That is way we are offering you this chance, not for $33,400. We want to see you at our next master retreat for $12,000!

We want to put entrepreneurs back in power and see their businesses flourishing.  Covid knocked some of us down.  It's time to get up and grow. 
That is why we are giving you this experience for $2,997.  


Why are you so willing to give such a good deal?

Entrepreneurs are the back bone of our economy.  We believe in your message and want to see it get out in to the world in a big way.  But it goes beyond having the right message, it includes business sense to make it profitable so you can keep helping others.  That happens when you have access to the programs you need.  We have already done the work and sorted out the things that work and the things that don't.  By streamlining the process, we can and bring you the best courses at the best prices.

What kind of classes are there? 

Every Master Retreat is different, so be sure to check out the itinerary for specific courses.  We can tell you that our favorite courses involve time management, organization skills, the power of delegating and how to legally shield our business.

Can I attend all the classes?

Yes, we make sure you never have to choose between classes, you get it all.

I have allergies, will you have meal options for me?

Yes, let us know what you need and we'll take care of the rest.

Can I bring my team?

We can accommodate groups.  If you have a team of 12 or more, we can make your retreat exclussive.  Contact us for information.

How do I sign into my courses to prepare for my retreat?

It's all spelled out in your Welcome email.  You will create a user name and password and have full access to all the needed materials.

Do you have a  payment plan?

Of course, simple choose your plan at check out.  You will need to be paid in full before you arrive.

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